our story

2.12.12 legal

the cute meet:
kyle grew up in virginia
darius grew up in chicago
kyle saw darius in broadway shows
darius did not see kyle in the audience of the broadway shows
kyle met darius at a birthday party at a nightclub
darius wondered if kyle was a stalker since he knew all his broadway shows
kyle played it cool
darius was actually cool
kyle fell in love
luckily, with each other
darius fell in love
many years later:
while both darius and kyle were in a sleepy state one friday night
at long last new york state got in the right state of mind
at dawn darius woke up, rolled over and tapped kyle on the shoulder
not dawning on him the moment had come kyle pretended to snore
“will you marry me” darius asked after the snoring stopped
“after all these years, is it too late to play hard to get” kyle asked
“yes” he said
"then yes” he said
so he and he legally became his and his
on their fourteenth anniversary

2.12.98 love

at dawn darius wakes up, rolls over and taps kyle on the shoulder